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Our Decaf is 12 ounces of pure dark roast Colombian coffee beans. Smooth, chocolaty notes will add the perfect comfy feeling to your mornings.

Our Decaf is a pure Sugarcane wash, chemical free, dark roast Colombian coffee bean. Smooth, chocolaty notes will add the perfect comfy feeling to your mornings.

The beans are decaffeinated with ethyl acetate derived from Sugarcane.  Ethyl Acetate is a solvent but is considered natural because of being made from sugarcane.

Flavor: Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Graham Cracker
Acidity: Mild
Body: Average
Sweetness: Average

Altitude (MASL) 1750
From a variety of small farms.

Additional information

Whole Bean/Ground

Whole Bean, Drip (Standard), Espresso, Turkish


12 oz, 5 lb

4 reviews for Decaf Dark Roast | Colombia

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    I am a routine decaf drinker and I find Rustic Route’s Decaf Dark Roast amazing (it’s hard to find good decaf)! This roast is so flavorful and that first sip is very satisfying. Every time.

  2. Beth Smucker (verified owner)

    Finally! A decaf with a rich bold flavor! Rustic Route has done what the many others I’ve tried have failed to do, make a decaf (and half-caff) option for customers that LOVE dark roast but can’t handle the caffeine. Thank you!

  3. Ruth

    I picked up the Rustic Route Decaf at Locals in Poolesville and am truly impressed. This is the first decaf I’ve found that has excellent flavor. Dark roast is always my favorite and now to find it in decaf is a great find. Thank you!

  4. Leslie

    So delicious that I don’t add cream or sweetener.

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