Small Batches Roasted To Order

At Rustic Route, Coffee is routine; Roasted and enjoyed daily. Our mission is to provide high-quality, fairly sourced coffee at a price you can afford.

LGBTQ women-owned and operated company dedicated to giving back to help those in need.


FAQ About Rustic Route Coffee

The best quality coffee should be sipped when freshly ground. We ship or deliver our beans whole so that you can experience the full taste profile of the bean. Purchase a grinder for your home that can grind the beans to the correct consistency for your coffee maker or pour them over. Trust us, you will be thankful you purchased an at-home grinder – the taste difference will make you never purchase ground coffee again.

High-quality beans are grown in idle settings for coffee beans that create their natural pest control, such as bats and birds. Pesticides are only needed when growing in regions that are not natural for coffee plants.
Many keywords in coffee describe the quality of the bean you are purchasing. Organic is a keyword that has great intentions. It implies that the beans are “clean” and were grown without pesticides. Typically Arabica coffee grown at high altitudes in the shade doesn’t need pesticides. The best quality beans come from these regions, and this is where our beans are grown. In addition, the organic label is expensive. Many smaller producers cannot afford an organic certification which comes with a considerable price tag and many costly regulations. Unfortunately, these costs are not usually reflected in the sale price of the beans.
This is also true for coffee roasters. The cost of being able to label our products organic is prohibitive for an artisan roaster, even though our facility maintains organic and eco-friendly processes. We purchase our beans from various coffee importers specializing in traditionally grown coffees and small coffee growers using sustainable farming methods.

  1. Grind coffee = Use 1.6–2 grams whole bean coffee per 1 oz (28 grams) water, adjusting to taste.
  2. Brew with water heated to between 195 and 205F.
  3. Store whole bean coffee in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, and away from heat, cold, and moisture.

See our locations page for store names and addresses where you can purchase Rustic Route Coffee in person.

When you order it! We do not roast any beans until they have been purchased. You could have the highest quality beans, but they won’t taste right unless they are as fresh as possible. Every bag will have a roast date on the bottom. Beans are best if used within 2-3 weeks of the roast date.

All our beans are roasted and sold as a single origin. This offers the most excellent chance to taste the authentic flavors of the beans from various locations around the world, such as Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Guatemala. We aim to have unique reserve offerings throughout the year.

Rustic Route goes through an extensive process to find the highest quality beans with unique flavor profiles. We roast all beans in Barnesville, MD, on our new Mill City roaster. If you have questions about the beans, roasting process, or products, please contact us through email.